den· i· zen noun
1: inhabitant
2: a person admitted to residence in a foreign country


denizens is the ready-to-wear offspring of Deniz Mercan’s combined worldliness and affinity for casual, sporty yet chic design.

denizens’ philosophy is about going through life with an international mind set, embracing all cultural influences the world has to offer, always in progress.

denizens focuses on high quality garments, simultaneously timeless and modern, masculine meeting feminine, resulting in an effortlessly complete look. Each piece has a meticulous eye for detail and technical experimentation with materials.

Each season consists of a collection of 25 items, ranging from coats to trousers to sweaters, always maintaining
a focus on knitwear. denizens stands for quality over quantity, reminding others that a wardrobe does not need an infinite supply of garments, as 25 timeless pieces more than suffice an individual’s needs.